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B.Arch Stud

BAS III: Chaotic Order - Mapping Installation

University of the Free State 2015




The project required an investigation into a concrete and abstract understanding of Harvey Road in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The site was presented as a collection of maps showing parts of the concrete and existential phenomena present within the urban fabric. This was an effort to remove the site from its physical place and represented as a reflective installation.

Harvey Road was abstracted into nine maps that illustrated the topology, morphology and typology. The road is a passage way to the industrial development of the outskirts of the city; what was once only a railway settlement.

The installation plays on the notion of solid and void and ordered chaos. It was designed around the imagined movement through the space. How one would view the maps and the unsettling angles in which the boards are placed. This could be interpreted as hard to engage with and until one explores and finds a comfortable means of engagement that one is able to uncover a wealth of knowledge and vibrance present within the maps similar to the hard edges of Harvey Road that require some effort to engage with.

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