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Daniel is creative director at Alex Stewart & Partners and part-time lecturer at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and the School of Explorative Architecture (SEA). Daniel's core strengths include strategy, concept design, client management, graphics and research. His work has won multiple competitions and awards including the Lake Club and Zandvliet WWTW. He passionately drives AS&P's marketing and global expansion into various markets including Spain, Switzerland, UK and the Middle East.


He graduated from the University of Cape Town with distinction and as the top postgraduate student of his cohort as well as the top design dissertation of his year. Xu was selected as one of ten students globally to participate in the Norman Foster Foundation Digital X workshop in Madrid, Spain. His previous experience at award winning practices has led him to work on multiple residential, leisure and commercial projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.


His research and design interests are set on an architecture of inflection and dialogue: An architecture formed of the landscape and a landscape formed of architecture. It focuses on the boundaries between the natural and artificial and explores the kinship between architecture and landscape through various technologies.



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